Since long Service Solutions have grappled with the challenge of time lagged update of Jobsheets. Part of the challenge was conservation of precious man hours of the Engineer. But the major hurdle was connectivity and application. Were the Technicians expected to carry bulky laptops with data card? Obviously not! Today the landscape stands changed.............. Mobile handsets and Tabs are the new tools of real time data and logictical value add in the arsenal of Companies trying to deliver ever exacting standards of Service.

GSPL Mobility Solution takes your system to the last mile of delivery infrastruture. GSPL Mobility Solution gives:

  • Access anytime, anywhere critical Service Data - Jobsheets, Escalations, Customer Location, Service Knowledge, Realt time help, Customer Satisfaction
  • Empowering Technicians to Successfully complete Service Operations and present service reports for Customer signatures on the Device
  • Auto mail of Field Service Reports to the end customers with the Signature & Technician details embeded into it.
  • Integration with Google maps to have a clear visibility of Cutomer Location and Optimal Routing
  • Real time Push notifications on Device
  • Customer authentication with mobile no. & OTP to register calls & escalations
  • Call registration by the Dealers on behalf of end customers
  • Calculation of the dynamic pricing of labor & parts on your Device for Out of coverage calls. Revenue realization and preventing leakages.
  • Managing Technician profile, today's call listing (allocated calls), provision of Re-scheduling of calls from the Service mobility app
  • Realtime Techncial help in the form of video, chat and texting