Birth of GSPL Service Management System (GSPL SMS) was driven by the need for:

  • Service Delivery Stakeholders Appointment, Monitoring and Training
  • Integrated, Real Time window to Service Operations and KPIs
  • Faster, reliable and personalized Service Delivery (the wow factor)
  • Faster response to ever changing market conditions
  • Product Quality Monitoring (for example reasons behind sudden spurt in FFR)
  • Tracking Customer Satisfaction
  • Tracking and Controlling Spares Inventory at Optimal levels. Spares Inventory can possibly lead to delayed service, if the Spares are NLA/Out of Stock, on one hand and hit the bottomlines (via Service Cost to Company), if Company is riddled with excess/dead stock, on the other hand. Spare Inventory is the proverbial "walk on the razor's edge"!

Service Operations are becoming more complex and difficult to manage with Spreadsheets and Partial Systems. After a certain Customer base, it is imperative to have an Integrated Software Platform which not only automates, gives real time window to all the Service Operations but also helps in continuous improvement of Service Delivery via relevant feedbacks and KPIs.

GSPL SMS is a control and mangement Information System which integrates Service Operations (and its Processes) with Spares Inventory Control and Management, helps track and build Service Competencies, tracks Customer Feedback and Satisfaction and provides relevant data for various Service KPIs is an ideal Service Management System (SMS).

GSPL Service Management System embodies all these capabilities and much more. GSPL SMS has been created with 14 years of Exclusive Domain Expertise and State of Art Technology. It is Action with some of the Top Brands in the Consumer Electronics, Office Automation, Consumer Durables/White Goods, Industrial Product Verticals globally. GSPL SMS is the Service backbone for managing and controlling After Sales Service Delivery for its Customers.

What can GSPL SMS Deliver

  • SMS provides a 360º Automation of Service Operations and Processes embedded therein
  • It integrates Service Operations and Spare Inventory Planning, Control and Management
  • Indepth KPI Dashboard
  • Extensive Service and Inventory Reportage
  • Industry Best Practices and Processes

GSPL SMS is single Plaform which can drive all possible Service and Spares Inventory Management Operations.

How does it Help you


  • Control and Monitor Quality, Cost and Delivery (QCD) in Service and Inventory Operations
  • Make informed and pro-active Business Decisions
  • Brings Industry Best Practices and Processes


  • Thin Client Architecture
  • Built for Large Data size (data sharding capable)
  • Can support high transactions
  • Low memory footprint
  • Tested and Secure


  • Very low TCO
  • Innovative and value driven Licensing Schemes
  • Can be delivered under SaaS Model

GSPL SMS Feature List


  1. End to end Waranty Management
    • Tracking Primary Sale > End user Product Registration > SWAP/Replacement > DOA > AMC/Warranty Extension
    • Equipment Creation
    • Equipment and Slave Serial Tracking
    • Equipment Registration
      • Customer Ownership Tracking
      • Service Ownership Tracking in a SSD environment
  2. AMC MAnagement
    •  Offers > Contract > Billing > Renewals
    • Schemes and SLAs
  3. Warranty Extension
    • Cost booking under Warranty or Extension 
    • Crreation of Extension Plans via matrix
  4. Customer Management
    • Centralized or Per Transaction Tracking
    • Product lifecycle management
    • C-SAT
    • Maintenance Scheduling and Reporting
  5. Maintenance Management
    • Scheduling and Monitoring
  6. Service Infrastructre
    • Self Owned/Partner Management
    • Unitary or Branched Parter Management
    • Audits
    • Reach and Capacity Planning
    • Appointment and Termination Tracking
    • Manpower Training
  7. Voice of Customer
    • Handling and delegation Calls under various configurable categories
    • Escalations
    • Linkage with Josbheets
  8. Jobsheet Management
    • Project Management
    • Multiple Service Categories
      • Installation/Commissioning/Demo/PM/Repair
    • Carry/On Site/Over Air
    • Repair
    • Replacement
    • Advance Replacement
    • SWAP
    • DOA
    • Cancellation
    • RTB
    • Credit Note/Refund
    • Estimation
    • Diagnostics
    • Troubleshooting
    • Solution Matrix
  9. Repair Transfer
  10. Quality Check
  11. Delivery
  12. Defective Management
  13. Refurbishment
    • Teardown - Creation of Spare Stock
    • L4 Repair - Turning DOA back into Salable


  • Inventory Attributes
    • T.S & S.S
    • Source and Origin Tracking
    • Condition Tracking
  • Warehousing
    • Stores
    • Rack and Bin
  • Order Management
    • Consumption
      • Order Creation
      • Order Routing & Re-routing
      • Order Allocation
      • Pick Process
    • Addition
      • Ordering
        • Out of Stock/MSL
      • GRN
      • Back Order Consolidation
  • Packing and Shipping
  • Demand Forecasting
  • Cycle Counting

Accounts and Finance

  • Taxation
  • Payable
    •  Purchase
    •  Payout
  • Receivables


  • - Integration with BI


  • - Adhering to Industry Best Practices
  • - Status and Action driven workflow system
  • - Highly configurable
  • - Robust and high scalability

Case Studies

  • Drop in number of Jobsheets
    One of India's top Mobile Company was able to reduce its daily Jobsheet volume from almost 30,000 to 16,000 with the help of an innovative handset presence detection module within GSPL SMS.
  • Drop in Re-repairs
    Searchable knowledge base, Diagnostics, Interactive Troubleshooting and Realtime Technical Helpdesk have helped Companies to improve the Service delivery. Combined with a Competency Management Module, the Company can ensure Service Quality. And ultimately a better Customer Experience.
  • Decrease in Inventory Value
    Efficient and optimal Inventory Planning and Demand Forecasting functions of GSPL SMS haved helped Companies reduce Excess and Dead Stock without compromising on average repair time.
  • Efficient Payout Settlement
    In a channel based Service Delivery environment, it is critical that the Partners are not only paid on time but also the proces of Payout is Transparent. GSPL SMS's Payout Module automates, Labor, Spares, Travel, Promotional, Upcountry, Gas Charging, Transportation, and other Payout components with the help of Automation Matrices.
  • Drop in TAT
    L3/L4 bottlenecks?
    In Transit delays?
    SVC delaying in Escalation/Transfer?
    Field in dark about Pendencey?
    GSPL SMS answers these questing and thereby directly impacting Pendency.
  • Drop in Breakdown Calls
    One of our Customer was able to reduce its daily Jobsheet load from almost 27,000 (yes you've read it correctly!) to around 18,000 per day. A simple validation and verification of Device solved this vexing problem. So unless the Device was present in the service center, there was no possibility of booking a Jobsheet.

    Another Customer used GSPL SMS Master and Slave Serial Database to effectively verify the correctness of Compressors being replaced. At the same time, OTP and aggressive Customer touch points ensured Customer genuineness.

    Yet another Customer was able to collect virgin DOA samples at the very outset of Product launch and providing valuable feedback to Quality. A major product failure was thus averted.