G.S. & co. Pvt. Ltd. (GSPL) was formed in 1998  by a team of Professionals with varied backgrounds and a passion for creating Intellectual Property in the IT space. Focus was on providing Scalable, Simple, Low TCO and 'In Line' IT Solutions to Business world. GSPL realized that in the ever dynamic and organic business environment there was a small window of time whithin which the Corporated had to get the ROI to justify IT Investments. So the Software had to be priced at a point where desired ROI could be achieved within a couple of months of Deployment. That also meant that the Software had to be produced in the shortest possible amount of time whithout compromising either on Quality or Security. This was a tall order at that time and continues to be! Needless to say, the challenges were immense. The eternal sword of working Data set overshooting the RAM, in the world of RDBMS, loomed large. Getting people to trust something new without collaterals was yet another wall to be surmounted. The team at GSPL succeeded in all the challenges and continues to do so. The bedrock of our success lies in:

  • Adopting and assimilating Open Source, agile methodologies and lean design patterns in each and every aspect of SDLC. Innovation is an intrensic part of our existence.
  • In depth focus on Customer Serivce/Support Domain and Collaborative Environments. Our Domain expetise in these areas exceeds 15 years.
  • Running a Stable, Lean and Effecive Organization. We have no extra flab and that translates into lower variable costs.